Aaron Fisher Tells Philadelphia Inquirer that He Wants to Meet Me, But Then Backs Down During Epic Facebook Conversation

The Philadelphia Inquirer has published a feature piece on Aaron Fisher, who is "Victim #1" in the Jerry Sandusky case. The reporter interviewed me for the story, but even though he pretended to totally see where I was coming from (as these media jackals often do), I had very low expectations for the story. Sadly, even those very low expectations were not met. 

Here is the story:


And here is the "fancy" version for the Sunday edition of the paper, which you will need to copy and paste into your browser: http://ht.ly/MqHvs

Forgetting for a moment all of the softball stuff about Aaron, my biggest problems with my part of the story are as follows:

I am not a conspiracy theorist and I am not alleging one occurred here. I made this clear to the reporter, but I guess that didn't fit his preferred narrative. 

I have never "concluded" that Aaron must have been sexually abused by his former step-father who is in prison after pleading guilty to 100 counts of child molestation, including against his own child. I simply raised that as a possible explanation for what actually happened here. I am actually moving away from that theory.

I have never done much research at all on Aaron's Facebook page. I think I have only been there three times. Most of the stuff I have gotten from there has been sent to me by other people.

As usual, omission is one of the easiest ways for reporters to craft a story a way they want go. Here is one of many important quotes I gave the reporter, but which were not even alluded to. It was given to him in response to a question about Aaron's mother Dawn's interaction with me. 

"Dawn's actions towards me only make any sense in a world where she knows Aaron wasn't sexually abused by Sandusky. Any remotely rational mother would be thrilled to learn that maybe her son was not really abused for three years under her watch. Instead, she sees me as the enemy, which only makes sense if she has no guilt because she knows there was no abuse and is simply afraid of having the gravy train come to an end."

The article also quotes Aaron about me with him saying that he would be happy to meet me in person and shake me hand like a "man." The implication of course is that I am somehow unwilling or afraid to have him give his side of the story. This. of course, is absurd. I would like nothing better than for Aaron to prove to me his story is true. Then I could finally try to get on with the rest of my life and be done with the horrific burden of feeling like I had an obligation to try to rectify a massive injustice. 

Since Aaron had finally, very publicly, said that he would meet with me, I decided it was finally time for me to directly contact him. I sent him a Facebook post just minutes after the article whet live online. Our exchange posted below pretty much speaks for itself. I will only say that I am now more positive than ever that Aaron did not tell the truth about his relationship with Jerry Sandusky and that he is, in general, not a remotely truthful person. I think you will likely agree with me after reading why what he told the Inquirer about being willing to meet me was yet another in his long line of lies. 

This exchange occurred Friday night (pacific time) May 1, 2015: