After Watching These Two Videos, If You Still Believe Aaron Fisher You Must Work for Rolling Stone

As I have said many times, the entire case against Jerry Sandusky (and therefore Penn State and Joe Paterno) is supported by two pillars. The first pillar is Aaron Fisher (Victim #1) and the second is Mike McQueary. I spent most of the first year or two in this crusade focused on McQueary, both because that story was far more closely connected to Penn State/Paterno and because, at first glance, it appeared to be much more suspect than Fisher's version.

However, after spending quite a bit of time on Fisher, and because of the arrest of his former stepfather on many charges of child molestation (including against his own child) I am now completely convinced that Fisher was never sexually assaulted by Jerry Sandusky.

I first wrote about why I believe this in the following post which, in a rational world, would have been repeated in mainstream media outlets across the country:

I added a key update to that post with this following document which compares (in yellow) the allegations made by Fisher (Victim #1) against Sandusky and those made against Fisher's former stepfather Eric Daniels (with REAL evidence!). I think you will see that they are very similar.

After I finally came to this conclusion, I actually kicked myself for not realizing it much sooner. The dead give away was how Fisher went from the true star of the case (literally he was all the OAG had for the first two years of the investigation) to being such an afterthought that prosecutor Frank Fina decided to lead off the trial with a problem-plagued Victim 4 and barely even mentioned Fisher in his only interview about the case with CBS. Fisher also got interviewed for, but did not appear in, the movie "Happy Valley."

Today I am "releasing" two videos (put together by a key supporter Layton Harman) which should be the final nails in the coffin of Fisher's credibility with anyone who looks at this case with a remotely open mind.

The first is of an interview I conducted with one of the two boys (as well as that boy's father) who almost died in a car accident caused by Aaron Fisher late in the investigation. Both of them are totally convinced that Aaron has lied here. Pay special attention to the fact (at the very end) that the son clearly has no idea who Joe Paterno is. This is important because when Fisher was ostracized from his high school in the wake of the scandal, the media tried to pretend that this was part of a pro-Paterno backlash and not, as logic would suggest, because the kids saw Fisher as an oddball liar.

I must warn you that late in this video there is some VERY graphic sexual language which I left in there because I believe it is important to understanding the full context of who Aaron Fisher really is.

Interestingly, the comments made by the father about Aaron's mom (Dawn Hennessy, she was Dawn Daniels when she helped write Aaron's book, but dropped Daniels now that he is a charged pedophile) being a drunk were backed up just this week by.... Dawn Hennessy... on her own Facebook page with this post!


The second video (also from a Facebook post this week) I would like you to take a look at is just simply bizarre. I am sure that people who don't understand the case or who only see things through the distorted media-created prism of Sandusky being an obvious monster, will not see its significance, but hopefully you will. Keep in mind the importance given by many people (including in the Penn State community) to Fisher's testimony about Sandusky allegedly using wrestling as way to essentially "groom" (or perhaps even worse) Fisher for sexual abuse.

I hope you will realize (unlike the hopeless and hapless news media) the extraordinary impact on this ENTIRE case if in fact Aaron Fisher is not telling the truth about being abused by Jerry Sandusky. Quite literally, it ALL falls apart because it was Fisher's story on which it was all directly built.

Considering what just happened with the Rolling Stone fiasco involving the apparently false report of a gang rape at the University of Virginia (BTW, take a look at the story the same reporter blew involving the Catholic Church which is EXTREMELY similar to the Sandusky narrative. Is she related to Sara Ganim?!), you would think that someone in the mainstream media would finally take a hard look at what really happened in the Sandusky case now that the emotion has finally settled down and people's brains may have started to re-function.

However, sadly, due mostly to the fact that the media created SO much damage here and put SO much of their credibility on the line in this entire case, there is very little chance of that happening. It is just simply too far and to difficult for them to walk it all back.

After all, why would they need to do that? Scott Paterno has already told them that Jerry is clearly guilty and why would he have said that unless it was true?! Its not like he has a profound self interest in having the original narrative he prematurely bought into when he butchered the defense of his client/father be accepted forever, is it?

Nah, that couldn't be the case. After all, Scott has been so reliably correct in everything else in this story!

The actual reality is that Aaron Fisher may very well have been abused by his former stepfather (or knew of the details of abuse of his siblings), but he was not abused by Jerry Sandusky. It was Fisher's story which prosecutors used to convince Mike McQueary that the shower scene he had witnessed ten years earlier and never thought much of, was something far more sinister than it was. An aging and vulnerable Joe Paterno was then manipulated into supporting McQueary's account, and the rest of this story is now tragic history (unless good people finally stand up to the evil which has dominated this case and finally demand some real justice).


Update: After being in contact with the reporter on the article I linked to here involving an apparently discredited accuser against a Catholic priest (one for which the very same Rolling Stone reporter well), it turns out that there is a DIRECT connection to the Sandusky case. The accuser's attorney, which he claimed under oath was suggested to him by the District Attorney's Office, was Slade McLaughlin. Slade McLaughlin was also the lawyer for Aaron Fisher!

Here is an article of the background of that story. McLaughlin is mentioned under "red carpet treatment."