Exclusive: Jerry Sandusky Writes About Fighting Injustice & Mocks the Lastest/Fakest Allegation Against Him

I have long ago lost count of how many prison letters I have received from Jerry Sandusky (or prisoner KT2386 as he is addressed). He writes so often to so many people that it is obvious that he most always do his very best to conserve all the paper that he can.

In the vast majority of cases I have not released his letters. This is for a variety of reasons. Often there is communication which was not intended for the public. Other times I am uncertain if he meant a particular letter to be released or not. In general, I have very much sided towards caution, especially since Pennsylvania passed a completely asinine and obviously unconstitutional "Re-victimization Act," which makes it potentially illegal to discuss those who accuse you of crimes for which you are convicted. 

I am releasing this latest letter for a couple of important reasons. First, it gives you a sense of the style of letter which Jerry routinely writes to someone who he quite obviously never molested. This is important because it was these type of letters which were used by the prosecution at trial (and some, like fraud Eileen Morgan, still desperately cling to as the only "evidence" of sexual abuse) to create the impression that something nefarious was going on here. The reality is that Jerry is just a really good/deep letter writer. 

Secondly, he openly mocks the most recent allegation which has gotten an absurd amount of incredibly biased media coverage. It comes from guy named Anthony Spinelli, who claims to have been abused in the 1980s by Sandusky at his football camp while a highly-recruited sixteen-year-old quarterback prospect. Spinelli went on to be charged with numerous crimes in his life, including murder. Apparently, all of that is Sandusky's fault, even though Jerry says he doesn't even have any memory of this person (and neither do any of the other coaches from the camp). 

Thirdly, on a personal note, I like the letter because it compares me to anti-Nazi dissident Dietrich Bonhoeffer. I found this funny, not just because of my very German roots, but because one of my loudest Penn State critics (Brian Cuban, the loser brother of billionaire Mark Cuban) has tried very hard to publicly claim, absurdly, that I am a Holocaust denier. When he reads this, I am quite sure it will blow his little mind (as would the fact that I have been coaching golf at a private Jewish school for the past two years). 

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