Jerry Sandusky Writes Letter Reacting to NCAA Restoring Joe Paterno's Win Record

Jerry Sandusky has written a letter to me from prison reacting to the NCAA restoring Joe Paterno's win record and eliminating sanctions which were (absurdly) levied on Penn State based on crimes for which he was convicted.

The letter is rather interesting on multiple levels. Obviously I will leave it up to you to decide what to think and how to feel about it (I am quite sure that opinions will vary VERY widely). 

I will say that my initial perception from my first prison interview with Sandusky was that he had at least some disdain for Paterno. This confused the heck out of (and even angered) me at the time because I thought he showed remarkably little sympathy for Paterno. especially given all the damage that he had single-handedly caused him. 

Of course, at that time I presumed him to be at least mostly guilty. However, as I learned more about what really did and didn't happen, I realized that Sandusky's relative ambivalence actually made "perfect sense." Sandusky has no real guilt about the destruction of Joe Paterno because he doesn't believe he did anything wrong. In fact, there is a strong argument to be made that, without Paterno's very misunderstood grand jury testimony that Sandusky never even gets arrested, or, at the very least, he has a very good chance of beating the charges. 

With that said, here is the letter:


Note: Some people are asking about the "redacted" portion of the letter. That was done by Jerry and not by me. I have no idea what he wrote there, though I also would be curious to know.