The Legendary Franco Harris Destroys Mike McQueary's Credibility From the Grave

Penn State and Pittsburgh Steeler legend Franco Harris, passed away suddenly at th end of 2022 (just days before the 50th anniversary of his "Immaculate Reception") but he left us a gift just before he left this earth.

Harris was working on his own podcast about the "Penn State Scandal," and part three, in a rational world, would be seen as a bombshell by the badly broken new media. In it, Harris goes into detail about what happened when he contronted Mike McQueary and Joe Paterno's funeral and Mike made it clear to him that he had NOT witnessed a sexual assault. 

Harris had given similar descriptions in both "The Framing of Joe Paterno" doucumentary and in the "With the Benefit of HIndsight" podcast, but this was the first time he had ever done so publcily on his own terms. 

Here is the link to Franco's website, where you can find part three of his podcast:

We will forever be greatly to Franco for being the only Penn State celebrity willing to take significant risk for the sake of truth and justice in this travesty.