Several Radio Interviews Regarding "Happy Valley," Governor Corbett & NCAA Email Revelations

I have done numerous radio interviews recently, some of which I would like to bring special attention to. Please listen to and share these as much as possible. The tide is finally turning!

Here was one showing how effective exposing the many problems in the case against Sandusky can be in helping a former harsh critic understand that Joe Paterno was clearly innocent. I also discus Governor Corbett saying Paterno probably should not have been fired:

Here was an interview in State College on the release of the "Happy Valley" movie and how the news media totally blew it on Dottie Sandusky's op-ed on the movie:

This is me on KDKA in Pittsburgh on the NCAA email release (and more) and it is clear that the host is now firmly on our side:

Here is an explosive one in State College which wraps up all of it pretty well:

Finally, last but certainly not least, is one with Kevin Slaten summarizing all of it in what may be the very best of the bunch: