Three Years Later, 25 Basic Facts Which Still Amaze & "Silent" Stories Which Could Have Changed Everything

There are literally thousands of facts about the so-called "Penn State Scandal" which are remarkable in their own way. However, on this, the third anniversary of Joe Paterno's firing, I wanted to list the "top 25" basic and indisputable facts which are both astonishing and yet almost totally unknown to the vast majority of the public and news media. I am sure there are many others which could have been on this list, but this was the best I could come up with.


The "victim" in the "McQueary episode" (the most famous incident of alleged child molestation in American history) never testified and only ever said he wasn't abused.

Mike McQueary and the Attorney General's office got the date the month and the year of the episode
wrong and Jerry Sandusky almost  immediately knew it after the grand jury presentment was released.

Neither Sandusky nor the "boy" even knew that McQueary was the witness.

Sandusky was somehow found not guilty on the McQueary charge which created the entire media firestorm.

There was an open WR job when the McQueary episode occurred and McQueary didn't get it until four years later. He is not claiming to have been part of a cover-up in his lawsuit against Penn State.

John Surma, the man who canceled Joe Paterno's final press conference and announced his firing, had asked Graham Spanier about firing Paterno well before the "scandal" and has a brother who blamed  Paterno for the demise of his son (and who also once lived with Sandusky!).

Sandusky prosecutor Frank Fina has said on national television that Joe Paterno was not involved in a cover-up (so the prosecution believes the "cover-up" didn't include the only witness and the most powerful person on campus) and Governor Tom Corbett has said he should not have been fired.

Bob Costas changed his mind about Joe Paterno being involved in a cover up here and said so on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno agreeing. No one cared.

Louis Freeh never spoke to Jerry Sandusky, Dottie Sandusky, Mike McQueary, Allan Myers (Victim 2), Joe Paterno, Tim Curley, or Gary Schultz, and he barely mentioned his last-minute interview with Graham Spanier.

Graham Spanier had his top national security clearance re-confirmed by the Obama administration after his indictment.

Aaron Fisher's stepfather was recently arrested and charged, in two states, with over 100 counts
of child molestation including against his own child.

The prosecution stipulated at Sandusky's trial that Sarah Ganim, who won the Pulitzer Prize for her work on the story, had contacted the mother of victim six and told her that more victims were needed.

Three of the six original "arrest" victims were photographed along with Sandusky and "Victim 6" in
Jerry's book.

Despite the fact that much of the prosecutions case is based on the notion of Jerry wanted to get caught, (thus the name of his book "Touched" with photos of four the the six victims), Jerry has never confessed, even after all of his appeals were exhausted and after I used Jim Clemente's "guaranteed" formula for getting him to confess.

Dottie Sandusky and her five adopted children are all, against their own self
interest, positive that Jerry is innocent.

Matt Sandusky only ever testified under oath that he was NOT abused and fought
in court for his kids to be able to see Jerry after his arrest.

While tons of porn has been found in the course of the investigation of
Sandusky, not one shred of it was found connected in any way to him.

There was not one shred of physical evidence, evidence of attempted payoffs, or video/audio evidence introduced by the prosecution at Sandusky's trial, but there WAS a accidental tape of the lawyer of Victim 4 conspiring with
investigators to lie to him to finally say Sandusky engaged in sex acts with him.

Not one accuser prior to Jerry's arrest told a first version of their story which was anything close to what they said at trial and not one accuser of Sandusky told anyone contemporaneously of them being sexually abused by him.

At the time of his arrest, after a three year investigation, only two human beings where claiming they engaged in a clear sex act with Sandusky and both of them used the same therapist.

Within a week of Sandusky's arrest, Penn State had fired its two (by far) most prominent employees, held a massive candlelight vigil, and a high-profile prayer right before the next game for the "victims," none of whom had spoken/testified publicly or been crossed-examined yet (and neither had Mike McQueary).

The day after the firing of Paterno and Spanier, it was widely reported in the media that Penn State would be on the hook for up to $100 million to the accusers.

Sandusky was convicted on 5 counts with no witness, no victim, no date and no contemporaneous report.

Sandusky has been convicted and had all of his appeals exhausted before the PSU administrators have come close to even going to trial.

Sandusky was offered the head coaching job at Virginia after his retirement at PSU and the job went to Virginia alum Al Groh at the last minute, not because of rumors about Sandusky, but because Groh lost his last 3 games with the Jets (forcing them to barely miss the playoffs) that year and thought he was going to get fired. The quarterback for the Jets was Vinny Testeverde, who famously threw five interceptions in the 1986 "national championship" game against a Penn State defense coached by Jerry Sandusky.


There are also several of what I call "silent links" on the internet which have been almost totally ignored, but which would allow someone to figure what REALLY happened here if they had enough knowledge/context to put all of the pieces together. Since I know a lot of people don't want to believe me, I have purposely left out links from "Framing Paterno" or anything which is remotely opinion-oriented.


Here is the future Pulitzer Prize-winning writer using an Attorney General source (Jonelle Eshbach?) to praise Joe Paterno on the first day of the story:

Here is Penn State putting out a press release just days after Mike McQueary met with Tim Curley and Gary Schultz (and the cover up was allegedly hatched) in which the only person other than Joe Paterno used by Penn State for a quote (and needlessly making him vulnerable to press inquiries) is.... Mike McQueary!

Here is Governor Tom Corbett inexplicably denying that he referenced the "boy in the shower" after having bragged about it on camera. Clearly he got new information about the boy in the shower!

Here are the voicemails which the lawyers for the "boy in the shower" (Allan Myers) revealed when they announced, after the trial, that they represented him. Why did no one in the media ask who was asking him to come forward? Had they, they would have figured out it was the police, and yet Myers never testified (and gave a statement saying he felt like the police where trying to get him to lie)!

Here is one of multiple letters to the editor (and the Attorney General) which Allan Myers wrote before Jerry's arrest. This one has been truncated because the website is now subscription, but here is the full letter as it appeared in the Centre Daily Times.

Here is a story on Jerry's resignation letter from the Second Mile. The TV station had no idea what they had discovered. The photo is of Jerry with Allan Myers at Allan's wedding! Be sure to read the least couple of sentences. They came so close to figuring it out!

Here is that Pulitzer Prize winner again, pointing out that McQueary had gotten the date/year of the incident wrong and putting together much of the Allan Myers story, but not connecting the dots or their incredible significance.

Here is the proof that immediately after Penn State fired Paterno that every lawyer in the state knew that free money was to be had.

Here is a story which may be the most important in the entire case regarding Sandusky, but which NO ONE (other than me) has reported on in that context. It is the arrest of Aaron Fisher's former stepdad being arrested on over 100 counts of child molestation including against his own child. What are the chances?!!