Bizzaro World: Aaron Fisher Posts Strange Photo, His Mom Offers For Him to Take a Lie-Detector, Another Friend Says He is Lying

As if things could get any stranger in this crazy story... 

So, on Sunday, Aaron Fisher (Sandusky "Victim 1," the person on whom the ENTIRE case rests) posted a photo on Facebook of his young new girlfriend "bathing" in cash on a bed while they were on a trip to Nashville. I re-posted the photo and simply let people comment on it.

One of the many who did was Sierra Nicole Foster. She is one of Aaron's high school "girlfriends" (and a good friend of the mother of Aaron's child) who suggested that Aaron's post indicated that he was either a "liar or insane." I asked her to do an interview so that I could understand where she was coming from. She became the third young person with whom I have spoken on the record who has been close to Aaron Fisher and who believes rather strongly (despite enduring over three years of media brainwashing and having ZERO interest in Penn State football) that he is lying about having been abused by Jerry.

The interview is well worth listening to, especially since she herself is a a victim of sexual abuse, though there is some graphic sexual language. 

Here is that interview: 

Later on Sunday night, Aaron's mother, Dawn Hennessey, suddenly started (after being alerted, she says, by our former "friend" Eileen Morgan) to make extensive comments on my thread which began with Aaron's photo. At one point she even admitted, just as I had suspected, that she was the person who had made a frivolous complaint to Facebook about me for having posted a photo of my two-year-old daughter in the bath tub (as a side note, her cyber terrorism against me is still continuing and she has managed, surely with the help of her "status" as the mom of a "Sandusky victim," to get things removed from my page which are not remotely in violation of Facebook standards). 

This thread then got REALLY bizarre Monday morning when, after further extensive commentary, she finally decided to delete all of her comments. Before she did so, most of the conversation was saved (see below). The whole episode is very illuminating, especially for people who have an open mind and who care about the truth.

After deleting her comments she then later returned to the thread to make me a very strange offer. She "offered"  for Aaron to take a lie detector test if I agreed in writing to take down this website and pay a charity $10,000 BEFORE he took the test. I told her that was absurd but that I would be happy to negotiate reasonable conditions. Later, you will clearly see that we appeared to come to an agreement for terms (very much to her advantage) on the lie detector test, though subsequently it now appears as if she and/or Aaron have completely chickened out.

Below is the most complete record of the original Facebook thread which we currently have. Dawn comes into the thread on page six. Keep in mind as you read this that this woman was used by Sara Ganim as one of two sources for an EXTREMELY important (and inaccurate) article published on November 8th, 2011 which would directly lead to the firing of Joe Paterno and Graham Spanier and which was an incredibly important domino in this entire fiasco. 

Here is that epic thread:


As you can tell from the end of this thread (Dawn did return later with some vitriol but nothing of real substance), she and I then engaged in a very lengthy "direct message" conversation which started when she sent me an automated request to remove the photo which started the thread. 

While there are a LOT of very notable elements of that "private" conversation, the most important in my mind are: our completed negotiations over a possible lie detector test for Aaron (which I was confident, no matter what I did, was never going to happen, but which she clearly agreed to and then reneged on), the fact that she changes her story multiple times on when she supposedly "suspected" Sandusky, and the very large and convoluted conspiracy (one which apparently includes the murder of Ray Gricar) she clearly believes in, or at least wants to believe in.

It is also remarkable to me how much she clearly WANTS to believe that her son was sexually abused by Jerry (which is exactly the opposite reaction to the one which the "experts" tell us is often the cause for these types of crimes going undetected for a long period, like this one supposedly did). Interestingly, she is not at all interested in the possibility that Aaron was actually molested by her former husband Eric Daniels, who has been charged with over 100 counts of child molestation, including against his own child.

Here is that rather stunning exchange:

At this point I still had some hope that she would live up to the agreement we made on the lie detector test. However, much later that night, Dawn returned to the original thread (clearly after having Aaron, with whom she said she was going to speak, balk at the whole idea) to launch into a completely unprovoked and demented diatribe about me and how wrong and irrelevant I am (this was new information to her?!). The clear implication of the post (though she lacked even the guts or the courtesy to actually say it) was that she and Aaron were backing out of their agreement to do a lie detector test, even under conditions purposely created to be very advantageous to them.

Then, to remove all doubt, I direct messaged Dawn one more time. She returned the message (hilariously and in her typically classy fashion) and then instantly blocked me from further communication.

Here that is:

While all of this is rather amusing, there are several keys things to take away here are: These are not the type of people of which an entire case of this magnitude, which destroyed SO many lives, should be based. Aaron posting that original photo is not consistent with how a real abuse victim would act,  Dawn deleting her posts shows fear of having said something incriminating. And both of them backing out of the lie detector offer (which was HER idea/proposal) clearly shows that Aaron is, for obvious reasons, not confident that he would pass,

I asked Dottie Sandusky to respond to all of this insanity and here is the statement she gave me: 


"Aaron's Mom called Jerry in July or August 2008 and asked Jerry (not me) to babysit her three kids.  Jerry said "sure." Dawn needed to work at a baseball game to raise money for her daughter's cheerleading group.  She dropped them off in the morning. We played games & went to Burger King for lunch. Jerry had a friend who had season tickets to the ballgame, so Jer called and asked if he had any extra tickets and he did. So we all went to the game and afterwards the kids went home with Dawn.
There were times that Dawn and Aaron's Grandfather would call and ask Jerry to talk with Aaron because they were having some problems with him.
Mutual friends ran into the guy that built Dawn's deck in June of 2012. The builder told them that he had built a big deck over in Lock Haven.  He said it was interesting the lady said to the builder, "I bet you are wondering how I am going to pay for this." The builder said, "I don't care how you are paying for this, I just want my money." Dawn then said, "My son is victim #1 of Jerry Sandusky."
I remember one time we went to see Aaron wrestle at Bald Eagle. He was 12 or 13. When he saw us walk into the gym he ran across the floor and jumped into Jerry's arms. This is a kid that was abused by this man?!?
Dawn says I knew things.  If I ever saw anything, I would have done something about it. I am not the kind of person that would let that go on."


In conclusion, here are just some of the offers that, after this most recent development, my critics have turned down:

Aaron Fisher to pass a lie detector test for $10,000 to charity, the taking down of all content related to him on my website, and a public apology.

Keith Olbermann (and many other media hacks) $10,000 to simply identify anyone who testified that they were assaulted by Sandusky and that Penn State had any knowledge of them.

Scott Paterno to just tell me where/how I am wrong and I provide a public apology to him and shut down the website. 

Matt Sandusky to do an hour-long videotaped interview in exchange for $10,000 to his foundation. 

And I still have a standing $10,000 charity bet (which no one will take) for anyone in the media on whether any of the Penn State Administrators are ever convicted of perjury. 

Gee, I wonder, if I am so wrong, why is it that no one will take my money, even for charity, and why even none of my most ardent critics will take the chance to humiliate and discredit me forever. 

Could it simply be because I am right and they are all frauds? 

Aaron Fisher is the personification of this entire story. Sara Ganim told us his story was a pillar of steel on which the whole case was based. Because Paterno was fired two days later it was presumed by the whole world that this must be correct and, because the accusers were all instantly sanctified, they received absolutely zero scrutiny. In short, no one bothered to check to make sure the Ganim/OAG "math" was correct. 

In reality, Fisher's story is no pillar of steel, but rather is made of nothing but sand. The rest of this case is built on that remarkable weak foundation. If anyone had allowed even a remotely stiff wind to be blown in its direction (at least before the Penn State BOT glued it together with the premature financial settlements) all of it would have disintegrated and this massive injustice would be revealed for what it obviously is. 


UPDATE: After this post was released, I received a TON of new information from people connected to Aaron who wanted to support the basic premise of this article. One of those was Brian Mauch, the father of one of the boys who was almost killed in a car accident caused by Aaron Fisher. Dawn disparaged the Maucks in my exchange with her, so he wanted a chance to respond. Here is his email to me which he gave me permission to post:

Hi John,
     I just saw the fb interview with dawn fisher, and I just wanted to 
say that I did ask aaron to pay to have the scars removed from my son's 
face (a very large scar on the front upper side that was the result of 
his six hours in with a brain surgeon, as well as other smaller ones, as 
his face was fractured in multiple places) that aaron alone put there by 
driving over twice the speed limit down a narrow winding road. Never 
once did I specify any amount...
     dawn wrote that I tried to get 100,000 from them and this never 
happened, and I feel that these lies are very, very hurtful, after all 
the pain they have caused my family...
     As far as the staying at home smoking weed; I wanted you to know 
that I have been working the same job for over 15 years now and I have 
had many drug tests that I did not know was coming.  I still work at the 
same job because I passed every one.
     My wife and I have been married for 24 years now and we ended up 
watching aaron many times, letting him spend the night over and over 
again, because he told us that his mom was out drinking at the bars and 
we felt sorry for him, letting him stay even while he kept having 
accidents with his bladder.
     dawn also acts as if she knows my family well, when the truth is 
that I only ever met her one time, and did not know her at all.  I only 
knew her son...
     I just hope that some day the lies and deeds, that have hurt good, 
honest families, are accounted for...
Brian Mauck & Family


UPDATE #2: Now Dawn has returned to her own Facebook to complain about all the "harassment" that I have been causing her (apparently by letting her trash me on my Facebook page, her offering me a lie-detector proposal, and having her engage me in a "direct message" conversation). She has even threatened to call the police on me.

However, the most significant part of her most recent thread is that one of her few supporters is Jessica Dershem, who is the young case worker who first interviewed Sandusky about Aaron Fisher (and with whom Fisher did three interviews without making any sexual allegation). Dershem was recently quoted by the Philadelphia Inquirer as saying that as soon as Jerry denied any sexual contact with Aaron that she "knew he was guilty." So is this remotely appropriate for a key witness from a public agency (as well as a primary reason Aaron got paid millions of dollars) to be active "friends" on Facebook with Dawn and to publicly insert herself into this particular controversy (which her own comments indicate she knows very little about) on behalf of Dawn?


UPDATE #3: It turns out that Aaron's former stepfather, Eric Daniels, late last year pled guilty to 100 counts of child molestation (including against his own child). Apparently a trial was not needed because, unlike the Sandusky case, there was tons of actual hard evidence of the crimes.

You would think that this (especially since Dawn admits in Aaron's book that Eric was abusive to her kids and re-verifies that in this very post) would make some news given its potentially huge impact on what really happened in the Sandusky story, but a Google search indicates that not ONE news story was written about this remarkable development.

Here is a link to see the 100 charges to which Daniels pled guilty: