The Framing of Joe Paterno News Blast Releases Two Major Stories!

Dear mailing list members:

The last 24 hours were rather eventful. Here is a quick recap.

We released a 3,000 word expose on why Mike McQueary's story is not to be believed.

We also released the REAL story of what happened when I went on WPHT in Philadelphia and how it shows the true evil of the media machine that we all face in this story.

MAJOR Update from

Dear Mailing List Members:

I have a lot of important things to tell you. First, our weekend of shooting at the first Penn State game went extremely well. We shot at least ten on camera interviews with, among others, Franco Harris. Anthony Lubrano and Blair Thomas. I also spent quite of bit of time off camera with the Paterno family and they were incredibly gracious under very difficult circumstances. urges you to take Deadspin's Challenge!

Dear Mailing List Members:

Deadspin, the website more responsible for this mess than any other, has issued a challenge to all Penn State/Paterno supporters. I know the"reporter" doing this very well. They think we don't have a case and think we won't come up with anything.

Please go to this link asap Releases AMAZING Exclusive Video!!!

Dear Mailing List Members:

I urgently need you to watch/share and incredible new video I created with the help of PSU alum Matt Brush. It is both remarkably funny and extremely important. It may also be our best chance to open some minds about the absurdity of the allegations against Joe Paterno and Penn State.

Here is the link:

Exclusive Penn State Polling Results!

Dear supporters of

Thank you for your support in this cause. Because of your backing we were able to commission a remarkable national poll of the public's knowledge (or lack thereof) regarding the Sandsuky scandal. As promised, I am giving you these incredible results first.

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