Huge Release of Exclusive Material on Aaron Fisher: How the Penn State/Sandusky "Scandal" REALLY Started

A couple of months ago, I released interviews with some former friends of Aaron Fisher’s who do not believe he was abused by Jerry Sandusky. I also made public a series of bizarre Facebook posts I exchanged with Aaron’s mother Dawn after Aaron had posted a photo of his new (very young) girlfriend posing on a hotel room bed “bathing” in cash of large denominations. This post even ended up being a prominent part of a recent Philadelphia Inquirer puff piece on Aaron, which then led to this epic Facebook conversation between the two of us where he backs down from his offer in the paper to meet with me.

The response was really remarkable. My February post obviously went “viral” within the Lock Haven/Central Mountain High School community. The fact that so many people were willing to publicly share the post immediately told me that there is a strong reservoir of suspicion in his community that Aaron’s story is not true (which is particularly remarkable/significant given the overwhelming media coverage pushing people in the other direction). Any lingering doubt that this assessment was accurate was quickly removed as I was bombarded by people wanting (at least at first) to tell me their stories about why they don’t believe Aaron’s claim.

It is important to point out (to answer the inevitable “why does this matter?” question) that if indeed Aaron’s accusation of being sexually abused by Jerry Sandusky for three years is totally false, then the entire case against Jerry and Penn State completely collapses like a house of cards. This is clearly true because it was Aaron’s story (the only one alleging sexual acts of any kind during the first two years of the investigation) which was obviously used to convince others, most notably Mike McQueary and Victim 4, that Jerry was a pedophile, which then got the snowball rolling down the mountain.

Since Aaron was the first trial “victim” to come forward, the only one whose name is publicly known, the only one to write a book, and only one to do a major media interview, if HE is not telling the truth, then all logic dictates that all of the others who silently followed Aaron while profiting handsomely from their claims must also be telling a false story.

I have conducted many interviews of varying degrees of formality since my last post on Aaron Fisher. Several people ended up being afraid to have their names mentioned publicly in conjunction with this incredibly toxic story. Others felt strongly that Aaron was lying about Sandusky but didn’t want to get involved because they couldn’t understand how that would mean that Jerry was “innocent” and they didn’t want to be seen as supporting a “pedophile.”

Unfortunately, such lack of courage and profound ignorance have played major roles in all levels of this entire injustice since the very start.

Of all the people with whom I have recently spoken, my conversations with four witnesses stand out and they will form the foundation of this post. They are, in the order in which I will present them, as follows:

--   A woman who helped organize the rally for Aaron at Central Mountain High School just as his book was released.

--  A man who was Fisher’s next-door neighbor and who strongly believes he witnessed the very first version of Aaron’s story.

--  A young woman who very seriously dated Aaron just after he first made his allegation.

--  One of the first police officers to interview Aaron Fisher about Jerry Sandusky.  

Judy Fox was one of the leaders of a group of women who organized a rally in support of Aaron Fisher in 2012 just as his book came out. She says that most of those women immediately began to question the credibility of Aaron’s story after meeting with Aaron’s mother Dawn the night before the rally. She also says that several of them are no longer in contact with Dawn, largely because they now think that Aaron’s story isn’t true and that Jerry Sandusky was likely railroaded.  

Judy also makes several explosive claims about the specifics of what she learned from Dawn and insists that she is more than willing to take a lie detector test (something Dawn once promised me that Aaron would do before quickly backing out). However, I have not had one administered one to her as of yet as the costs and travel involved for her would be rather prohibitive, at least at this point.

My remarkable interview with her was done in two parts. It contains several stunning revelations which, if true, make it clear that, at the very least, for Aaron to have been abused by Sandusky, his mother would have to be a pathological liar.

That’s right. After listening to these interviews with Fox, you will undoubtedly conclude, as I did, that the BEST case scenario for Aaron’s credibility is for his mother and co-author to be lying indiscriminatingly to someone who she had no reason to lie to and who was helping her and her son quite significantly.

Here are just some of the highlights of the interview with Judy:

--  Dawn told her that Attorney General Prosecutor Joe McGettigan purposely fabricated/exaggerated gifts Jerry gave Aaron in order to “get a conviction.”

--  Dawn told her that Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Sara Ganim got Aaron Fisher’s name and home address because she got a “leak” from the attorney general’s office and that Ganim was “sleeping” with someone in the office to get that information. Dawn also indicated an extreme amount of coordination with Ganim when it came to media coverage of her book launch.

--  Dawn told her that Aaron couldn’t do a presentable live TV interview and could therefore only do ABC’s “20/20” because, being a taped show, they could/would edit out his mistakes. (Here is part two of the "20/20" interview. Notice how Aaron hardly ever looks at the interviewer and gives an answer at the 8:00 mark in response to Jerry calling him out, which makes no sense if he was really abused).

--  Dawn showed her the speech which she had written for Aaron for the rally, which Aaron had nothing to do with writing. Here is a video of Aaron giving that speech, which makes it VERY clear he did not write it.

--   That the anti-bullying rally appeared to be nothing more than a cynical promotion for Aaron and Dawn’s book.

--  Dawn indicated that Aaron had been bullied out of Central Mountain High School not because of Joe Paterno’s firing, but because of a incident which occurred just before then involving Aaron inadvertently getting his track coach fired because they were found in an "inappropriate" situation. We were both astonished that Dawn, against everything a normal mother would do if the Sandusky claims were real, strongly supported the track coach at the same school which had supposedly  "fed" her son to Sandusky!

--  Dawn’s behavior was not remotely consistent with what would be expected from the mother of a sex abuse victim.

--  Most significantly, Dawn claimed (to multiple people) that she helped police find her brother Donald (who is at least friendly with Aaron) in the Dr. Barry Bender sex abuse case of the early 2000s and that her mother got him a financial settlement. Dawn also said that she was going to use the “Penn State money” to help Donald pay off his house since he had blown his “Bender money.”


Here is that interview:

After the interview with Judy, I then spoke VERY extensively with the Fisher’s former next-door (literally!) neighbor, Josh Fravel. Eventually he and I also did a two-part interview. Here are some of the highlights of those interviews:

--  Josh is certain that he witnessed, at extremely close range, the very first time that Aaron ever told anyone that Jerry Sandusky was making him feel “uncomfortable” or was touched inappropriately, and he is positive that Aaron was not telling the story because he was sexually abused.

--  Josh says that numerous things that he witnessed Dawn “Fisher” do (including make an immediate declaration that she would make a lot of money from her son’s story) are completely in contradiction to the Fisher family narrative, as outlined in their book and trial testimony.

--  That Josh has many reasons why he does not trust Dawn or Aaron and is positive that Aaron was not sexually abused by Sandusky (though he is tentatively in the camp that still believes that Sandusky might still be guilty of molesting others).

--  Dawn told him that prosecutors told her to get the first real job of her life so that she would be a more sympathetic trial witness.

--  In his interview with prosecutors Josh was struck that they kept trying to use the “fact” that other “victims” were abused to convince him that Aaron must have been (which is particularly troubling because it is obvious they used Aaron’s story to do the same with other potential witnesses).

--  His interaction with the New York Times is a case study in what we know happened with regard to the extremely one-sided media coverage of this case.

--  He and his ex-girlfriend totally independently (and without any provocation from me whatsoever) confirm the exact same story that Judy was told by Dawn regarding her brother Donald’s involvement in the Dr. Barry Bender case.

--  Josh had his car vandalized immediately after he became a potential witness in the case and is convinced the damage came from the Fishers. He also says that Dawn previously had told him to “keep his mouth shut” and that she would make it “worth it” for him to do so.

 --  That there are several important elements of his story which Fravel never testified to, largely because it appears Sandusky’s defense attorney Joe Amendola was too overwhelmed to have done an interview with him before they met the first time, which was just moments before his testimony at trial.

--  That Dawn became immediately obsessed with researching Jerry online and that what we know of the timing of other key events in the case (including the discovery of Mike McQueary as a witness) could have easily materialized due to a “rumor echo chamber” which she helped create on the internet.


Here is that interview:

In early 2009, almost immediately after Aaron started to tell his therapist and state officials various different versions of his story of being abused by Sandusky, he began seriously dating a younger girl in his neighborhood. This girl contacted me via Facebook. I have spoken at length on the phone to both this girl’s brother (who is sure Aaron is lying about Sandusky) and her mother so as to verify her story.

I have also had a very extensive Facebook “conversation” with the girl herself. She did not want to speak to me directly or have her name made public. While based on her ever-changing “rules” of our “interview” it is difficult for me to know for sure what was “on the record” and what was not, I have tried to be very respectful of her wishes here. What follows are only the parts of the conversation that I feel are both relevant and were seemingly deemed by her to be “on the record.” The photo she sent me is for the purposes of establishing the nature of her relationship with Aaron (she also sent me very involved love notes from Aaron, which I am not making public). The first message in the chain is the very first one she sent me. After a long lull, and after seemingly backing away from answering questions on the record, she then offered, totally out of the blue, to answer three questions from me. That is how our exchange picks back up. 

Here are those Facebook exchanges. 





To me, the most relevant part of this girl’s story is that, despite the fact that she clearly still has feelings for Aaron (and also believes that Sandusky likely abused others because, after all, that is what the media has told her happened), she is quite positive that Aaron is not telling the truth about being sexually abused by Sandusky. Again, she was dating him, very seriously, at the start of the investigation and is an abuse victim herself. Her story of Aaron being immediately focused on the money he would make from the case (as well as his penchant for lying) is perfectly consistent with others in Aaron’s life with whom I have spoken, both on and off the record. It is also in direct contradiction to Aaron's trial testimony. 

Quite simply, if Aaron Fisher was really sexually abused by Jerry Sandusky this young woman would absolutely know it. Knowing what I do of her, there is just no way she would come to the opposite conclusion (against all the public pressure and her own belief that Sandusky is guilty) unless she was sure he was, as she says, "lying."

I then spoke for a total of almost two hours in two phone conversations with one of the first police officers who interviewed Aaron Fisher about Jerry Sandusky. These conversations, for which I agreed not to identify the officer or release as a recorded interview, were fascinating on numerous levels.

In Aaron’s book, his therapist, Mike Gillum, a very key figure in the case, makes it exceedingly clear that Aaron felt his interview with this officer and their partner went very poorly and that Aaron was convinced that they didn’t believe him (Aaron, very tellingly, has been constantly obsessed, even after the trial, with people not believing his story, even though almost no one has ever said that publicly).  Gillum even became convinced that the investigation was slowed significantly because Aaron was not believed by this officer.

When I shared some of the key parts of the book with this officer they very disparagingly referred to Gillum as a “quack” and an “idiot.” The officer says that while Aaron never mentioned anything to them about Sandusky overtly sexually abusing him, that they did indeed “believe” him.

Right there we have remarkable series of dramatic contradictions which are emblematic of this entire case. This officer realizes that Gillum, who is perhaps the most influential non-direct-witness in the case, is a fraud (I strongly urge you to read Gillum’s sections of Aaron’s book as they are so based in laughably absurd conspiracy theories as to single-handedly discredit the entire case against Sandusky), and yet the officer still “believes” the case as a whole. This is somehow true even though not even one person ever told this officer they had been sexually abused by Sandusky.

To me, this seemingly nonsensical phenomenon of “believing” things which make very little sense and which no one even claimed to you is, in my view, central to understanding how this entire case evolved.

To be clear, I like this officer a lot. They are smart, open-minded, and honest. I even told them that if they had stayed on the case that they would have figured out what was really going on and Sandusky never even would have been arrested. At the end of our conversation I asked them if there was anything they knew which would directly contradict my theory of the case. They fully admitted that there was not. 

Very importantly, this officer interviewed Aaron after he had answered “yes” to his therapist’s question about whether Sandusky had ever forced him into oral sex, but Aaron said absolutely nothing about that in his interview with the officer. They also, with the help of Central Mountain High School’s then football coach Steve Turchetta, interviewed at least five other kids with whom Sandusky was close and not one of them ever claimed any sort of overt sexual abuse by Jerry (though the officer seems to believe that one boy of that group was, despite their denials, actually abused by Sandusky, but he never became a “victim,” which given the unique circumstances of this case, would make almost no sense at all).

And yet, this officer “believes” (though not with a high degree of certitude) that Jerry Sandusky, who they have never met, is a pedophile. I was both fascinated and frustrated by how this could possibly be. In the end, it became obvious to me that, counter intuitively, this officer’s experience proves how easy it was for someone like Sandusky to get railroaded in a case like this. For if even a good officer like this one (who had zero direct evidence indicating sexual abuse) could conclude he was guilty, then how easy was it for a “quack/idiot” like Gillum, and many others like him who had a clear self-interest in that narrative, to be convinced?

The key here is that it has now become accepted “conventional wisdom” in child sex abuse cases that getting the victim to talk about it is SO incredibly difficult that the “experts” now presume that NOT discussing it, at least at first, is actually a strong sign that there WAS abuse. It is my belief that this is an antiquated premise created in a different cultural era (one where being a "victim" wasn't seen as a badge of honor), which was particularly ill-suited for a case like this one with so much money so obviously at stake.

It is also very important to point out (which I did to the officer) that Aaron’s first police interview came not by surprise or before he had ever spoken to anyone else about his alleged abuse. According to his book, Gillum had already done extensive work with him and made it very clear to Aaron that it was okay to say that he was sexually abused by Sandusky.

It should also be pointed out that in the book Gillum goes to great pains (much like the AG’s office did during Aaron's testimony) to explain that Aaron preferred, strangely, to tell his “full” story only to men. However, the first two police officers to speak to Aaron (and get nothing “sexual” out of him) were both men! This very odd “rule” seems to clearly be a strategic way to get around why Aaron never told the CMHS principal, the CYS case worker, or his mother (all women) anything substantive in their first discussions of this matter and failed twice to tell his story in the grand jury when being questioned by Jonelle Eshbach, a female member of the AG's office.

To me, common sense tells us the fact that he didn’t initially claim “sex” to any of them or to this officer (at the age of 15 while he was already involved in extensive heterosexual relationships) strongly indicates that he was NOT sexually abused by Sandusky. Instead, thanks largely to the firing of Joe Paterno and the incredibly biased news coverage sealing Sandusky’s fate before his trial, the public and jury were duped into believing Aaron’s ever-changing and nonsensical story (which, by the time the trial came around, wasn’t even the prosecution’s star attraction any more). Of course, a large part of the reason people accepted Aaron's story is that there were numerous other "victims," but those victims only became convinced because of the existence of Aaron!

So, how then did Aaron Fisher come to tell this story?

In my very strong opinion this is the central question of the entire Sandusky/Penn State saga. It is particularly perversely appropriate, considering the insane nature of this entire case, that I am literally the only person even asking this question publicly (which should be strong evidence in and of it self that something is very much amiss).

Of all the apparent revelations in my most recent batch of interviews, I have spent by far the most amount of time trying to track down the connection between Aaron’s uncle, (the brother of Aaron’s mother Dawn) Donald (D.J.) Fisher and Dr. Barry Bender. It is obvious to me that, if as true as Judith Fox believes it to be, such a link was the roadmap which Dawn used to achieve her dream of a better life.

I first tried to track down Dr. Bender himself. I spoke to his attorney and had a very nice conversation where his lawyer indicated that he thought that Dr. Bender might be very interested in speaking to me about this subject. As it turns out, it appears Dr. Bender has recently been released from prison after having pled guilty to sexually abusing boys in 2003 (it's interesting to note that his sentence was FAR less than Jerry's even though Bender pled guilty and Sandusky has always maintained his innocence), but I have never heard from Bender and his attorney hasn’t responded to multiple follow-up messages.

I don’t know exactly to interpret that, but it would seem to me that if there was nothing at all to a connection between Dr. Bender and Donald Fisher that this would be something that either he or his lawyer could easily confirm.

My first indication, outside of hearsay from Dawn, that Donald Fisher was indeed a “Bender Boy” (as his apparent victims were referred to) came, ironically, from the same police officer who interviewed Aaron. While they had not heard of any financial settlements in the case, they did tell me that they believed that Donald was indeed a victim/accuser in the Bender case (Donald has had extensive interaction with the local police).

I then decided to try to contact Donald Fisher directly. The first person I spoke to in this effort turned out to be a different Donald Fisher, D.J.’s father. He directly and unequivocally confirmed that his son Donald was indeed a “Bender Boy” when we had this exchange on the phone:


Ziegler: Dr. Barry Bender is now apparently out of prison. I don’t know if you are aware of that or not…

Fisher: That asshole? They should have shot him.

Ziegler: Understood. My understanding is that D.J. was one of the so-called “Bender Boys,” is that accurate?

Fisher: Ya.

Ziegler: I also wanted to confirm that he was one of those who got a settlement in that case…

Fisher: A settlement?

Ziegler: A financial settlement.

Fisher: (chuckles) (inaudible) I didn’t know there was any.

Ziegler: Well, can you think of any reason why his sister would have told people that her mother helped get him a settlement in that case?

Fisher: His sister?

Ziegler: Yes. Dawn.

Fisher: No, I couldn’t imagine why… I don’t know, to be honest with you (chuckles).


At this point I became totally convinced that Donald Fisher, Aaron's uncle, was an accuser in the Dr. Barry Bender sex abuse case. I had his sister Dawn telling two totally unrelated people that he was, a police officer saying he was, his father saying he was, and Bender himself providing no comment at all after his own attorney thought that he would.

All of this clearly adds up to Fisher indeed being a victim/accuser in the Bender case and I believe this to potentially extremely significant. However, I have thus far gotten nothing to confirm (though very little to deny) that Donald indeed received a financial settlement in the case, other than what his sister Dawn told at least two people independently.

I then tried calling Donald Fisher directly. I twice spoke to his wife Dusty. The first time I did so pretending to be a local reporter seeking comment about Dr. Barry Bender being released from prison. Donald was not there and I asked Dusty about what she knew of a connection between Dr. Bender and her husband and she said that she had never even heard of the case (I believed her, but Judy Fox told me that, given Dusty’s history as a heroine addict, I was being naive). I then asked when Donald might be available and said I would try him back later.

It took a couple of days for me to speak on the phone to anyone at the Fisher’s number. By this time everything had changed. They were no longer accepting phone calls from phones which had blocked their caller ID (which I had tried to do). This meant that when Dusty answered that she immediately knew who I was.

She told me that she knew who I was that she had no interest in speaking to me. She then demanded that I never call back again and declared that, if I did, they would have me arrested for harassment (clearly she had been speaking to Dawn, as those words are right out of her playbook). I laughed and told her that kind of reaction makes me think that I am probably right about what really happened here. She then hung up on me.

While it is impossible for me to know for sure what that episode really meant, it is very clear that the Fisher family reaction (which even Aaron himself refers to in my Facebook exchange with him this past weekend) was extremely strong and proactive if there wasn’t something here they were very concerned about. While hardly “proof,” there was certainly nothing at all in that dramatic response to me which is remotely inconsistent with my Bender theory.

Perhaps more definitively, the fact that the Donald Fisher/Dr. Bender connection is not mentioned at all by Dawn in Aaron's book is a dead give away that they are hiding something here. For, if there was nothing to hide, how could Dawn not add to her narrative the fact that her own brother had also been an sex abuse victim and that she had some sort of role in that case? She openly discusses the fact that Aaron's biological father was a sex offender and that his stepfather was abusive to Dawn's kids (this was before he was sent to prison on child sex charges). How could she possibly leave out her brother Donald's story, especially since (as you will see in a moment) it involved a key character in the Sandusky saga? I would suggest that the only scenario where this makes any sense is that she knows that it would raise too many suspicions if it was known that she had been involved in another claim of sexual abuse just before Aaron's and yet she still did not suspect Sandusky at all for three years of close contact with her son. 

So what really happened with regard to the Fishers and Dr. Bender? Frankly, I am not 100% sure. I am hoping that this post may spark someone else out there to speak with me and provide more definitive information.

I am very confident that Fisher was indeed part of the Bender case (since Bender pled guilty, there was no trial or public records of witnesses, at least as far as I can tell). As for a financial settlement, the data points I have indicating that there was not one, can all be rather easily explained. The policeman would have no real reason to know. The father may have not been telling me the truth (though I think he was), or he may not have known about it as Dawn said that it was her now deceased mother who had gone after the settlement. Dusty could have either totally lied, or was kept completely in the dark about the entire situation (it appears she and D.J. were not together during that time period).

Or maybe there just never was a settlement in that case. However, that leaves me with no explanation whatsoever for why Dawn would tell multiple people that there had been. It just makes absolutely no sense for her to lie about that because it wasn’t even her money and she was indicating that her brother had blown the cash.

It should also be pointed out that Donald (D.J.) Fisher has a very long and diverse criminal record of his own and Dawn indicated to friends that he physically abused Dusty, supposedly because of him having been abused by Dr. Bender.

Clearing through the very thick haze of the Fisher family's very odd world, the clincher for me that this connection is very real and significant to the Sandusky case is the irrefutable fact that the lead detective on the Bender case was none other than… Anthony Sassano.

For those who don’t recognize Sassano’s name, he is also a key figure in the Sandusky case. In fact, Mike Gillum wrote in Aaron’s book about how shocked he was to show up at the Fisher house and see a brand new detective named Anthony Sassano suddenly on the case setting up a “sting” phone call (which resulted in nothing) between Aaron and Jerry.

It has always been odd that Sassano, a narcotics guy, ended up being so key to the Sandusky sex abuse case. It is very important to note that the Bender case was indeed a drug case, which turned into one involving sexual abuse. It made sense for Sassano to be on the Bender case, but how did he get involved with Sandusky?

Well, perhaps someone who had positive contact with him in the Bender case felt that things weren’t progressing fast enough in this new case they "found" themselves involved in and reached out to Sassano for help. Dawn “Fisher” would certainly have had the motive and opportunity to do this and it would clearly have fit her normal mode of behavior. But mostly it just makes Sassano’s presence in the Sandusky case, something which never seemed to fit, suddenly make perfect sense.

The bottom line for me on all of this from Dawn’s standpoint is really pretty simple. If you really thought your son had been brutally abused for three years right under your nose without you even suspecting it (even after your own brother had been involved in a supposedly similar case just a few years before), wouldn’t you be thrilled to have someone like me come around trying to convince you that your son wasn’t really abused?! Doesn’t her insistence that I am the bad guy with no “proof” only make sense if she is afraid of it being proven that he wasn’t abused (which any normal mother would obviously be thrilled to hear)? After all, this would mean that she knows her son wasn’t abused, and therefore would also explain why she has no guilt about the whole situation and why she completely lacks any desire to be exonerated as a terrible mother.

It should also be pointed out that I have NEVER seen Dawn express NEARLY as much anger towards Sandusky as she has towards me. Doesn't that pretty much say it all?!

In conclusion, it has become clear to me that this incredibly complex story which caused such incredible damage to so many people, actually started in a remarkably simple fashion.

Aaron Fisher, a sex-crazed 15 year-old kid, tired of being forced to spend time with an old man like Jerry Sandusky (who would nag him about his falling grades and who Aaron never knew as a football hero), was looking for an excuse to ditch him to hang out with his friends. His mother, looking to go party and needing a baby sitting service she couldn't afford, refused to let him out of it. Aaron, out of other options, decided to tread very lightly down the "he makes me uncomfortable" path and Dawn, likely armed with her experience from the Dr. Bender case, very quickly began to see how this this road might be paved with gold.

As Dawn started to warm up to the where Aaron is going with the story, Aaron slowly added to it (I don't see the two of them in an overt conspiracy here, but rather in an impromptu dance where they both know each other well enough to follow along). Once he was sent to Mike Gillum, who convinces him both that horrible things happened and that he doesn't have direct memories of it, Aaron started to realize that he could pull this off. He may even have started to think it really happened. Once (after two years of trying) investigators were finally able to use Aaron's allegation to convince others, including Mike McQueary, that Jerry is a pedophile, the avalanche began. The firing of Joe Paterno acted as a nuclear explosion on top of the avalanche.

The rest, is history.

So, where do we go from here? I am hoping that you will share this story with others so that people with relevant information might realize that it is both important and safe for them to come forward. I am well aware that the media is not going to do their job on this, so it is totally up to us if justice is to have any chance. 

Later this week, Jerry Sandusky' s petition for post-conviction relief (essentially his last appeal for a new trial) will be unsealed. I expect it to make an extremely strong case that Jerry's first trial was not a fair and represented a violation of his constitutional rights (largely thanks to the state facilitating the firing of Joe Paterno, which made it impossible for there to be a fair trial, especially in such short order). I also expect it to have new information, like the fact that the prosecution did a recorded interview with the only direct  "janitor" witness James Calhoun where he clearly DENIES that Jerry Sandusky was the person he saw on the night in question (which obviously had a huge influence on the prosecution's decision to declare that he had dementia and to not call him to testify).

However, unlike Jerry's attorney Al Lindsay, I am not optimistic about the short term success of this petition. On the merits it is a no brainer, but this case has never had anything to do with facts, logic, or law. No Pennsylvania judge (who must be renewed in their positions) is going to commit career suicide by forcing the poor innocent "victims" in this case to endure another trial. This is just not possible without significant media "cover" for such an act of "courage." Despite my best efforts to provide such "cover," it simply does not currently exist. 

This may change once two things occur. First, the Penn State administrators are finally exonerated (I strongly believe that one of Jerry's best appeal issues is that the state purposely sidelined his two best witnesses, Tim Curley and Gary Schultz, with wrongful indictments). Secondly, the case eventually moves to federal court where the is no real fear of public pressure and the judges tend to be far more seasoned. 

Unfortunately, that process will likely take years. Sandusky seems to be holding himself together in a remarkably strong fashion given his dire circumstances (which include him being in the very worst prison conditions imaginable, for no legitimate reason or purpose). However, he is in his 70s and given his living situation, he may not survive long enough for this process to progress to where some semblance of fairness can finally have a chance to prevail in this case. 

Joe Paterno said on his deathbed that he wanted us to find the truth of what really happened here. I am confident that, while some of the details are still not known for sure (and may never be), that the essence of what occurred is now very clear, and it is nearly 180 degrees from the devastating myth which we were sold before any of the real story was remotely known. 

Update 5/5


Update 5/6

This Update is EXTREMELY disturbing and emblematic of the entire case. Josh Fravel, Aaron Fisher's former neighbor who is interviewed in this post, got a call late last night from his employer telling him that his services were no longer needed. Then a few minutes later he got a Facebook message from Aaron's mother Dawn saying that she was going to get him fired. Since Dawn was a customer of the business for which Josh worked (Josh believes Dawn hired Josh specifically as a way to rub his nose in her new-found fortune), Dawn apparently convinced them that he had spoken badly about a customer, which is of course absurd. 

Here are Dawn's messages to Josh. The first was from late last night. The next two are from this morning. It should be noted that when Dawn claims Josh somehow admitted that he "lied" about her, this it totally false. At my request, after our interview together, Josh contacted Dawn in an effort to get her to talk on the record. At my suggestion, he kissed up to her and indicated that he wanted to put the past behind them and basically apologized for any trouble he may have caused her. I have seen the messages and he was no way shape or form indicating to her that he had lied about her or Aaron. 

Dawn is clearly evil and unhinged. She has already reached out to other people mentioned in this post and is desperately trying to circle the wagons.

She is obviously not the mother of a Jerry Sandusky sex abuse victim and she knows it. Her outrageous behavior makes that very obvious. But I guess when you are able to become rich and famous on a lie, it makes you believe you are entitled to destroy other people's lives just for telling the truth about you. Unfortunately, apparently in this crazy case, she can.

Remember, this is the woman who effectively got Joe Paterno fired via her participation in the very critical Sara Ganim pile of horsecrap which the media and Scott Paterno bought right into on November 8, 2011. 


For all the times that Dawn and Aaron have threatened to call the police on me for nothing, you would have thought that they might have done the same to Jerry Sandusky sometime before the 100th episode of sexual abuse which Aaron alleged at trial. 


Update 5/27

Good news! Despite having been let go from his job because of a complaint from Dawn, Josh has informed me that he has a new job and is quite happy with his new situation. This is a small victory form justice! Now about that Porsche Dawn has been driving around town...