HUGE Release: New Interviews & Documents From My Trip To State College Leave Little Doubt Jerry Sandusky Is Innocent

Editor’s Note: This post focuses almost entirely on people who are obviously public figures in every possible way. However, because of the extreme toxicity of the story, I have gone to extraordinary measures make sure that no new  "victims" have been "outed" (they are all already very much in the public record of this case, but the rules for this story are "unique") and that only information needed to verify documents/photos has been divulged. Fake issues of privacy have previously been used as a weapon of censorship against me by Aaron Fisher (“Victim 1” and author of “Silent No More”) and his mother/co-author Dawn, both of whom are clearly public figures.

I have already been the subject of a publicly-posted death threat from Aaron, and he and those close to him have also attempted to have the police contact me (and were told I had done nothing illegal), have tried to get me suspended from Facebook, and have even made an organized effort to get stations which carry my nationally-syndicated radio show to drop the program. I believe (as does a Pennsylvania state police detective) that they have also tried to intimidate and probably vandalize the property of at least one, and possibly two, of my previous interview subjects. The Pennsylvania state police even asked me to delay this post until they could secure surveillance on behalf of those I interviewed. All of this, of course, only heightened my confidence that I am on exactly the right track and I hope it will increase your urgency in sharing this post with others who care about truth and justice. In a remotely rational world such support would not be needed because the news media would insure the truth got out, unfortunately, at least in this case, that world does not exist.


(Please make sure to go to the very bottom of this page for new updates added on 9/15/15, including an amazing interview with the THIRD close friend of Aaron Fisher's, this one an abuse victim himself, who now says he is confident that Fisher lied about Sandusky. I have also added Fisher's own response to new questions and a large charity money offer for him to do an interview with me.)


It has often been said that you find out far more about people after a divorce or a firing than when they are married or in a job because the human incentives so drastically change after that dramatic transition. I strongly believe you can say the same thing about a serious court case, especially one which is based solely on testimony.

Before a court’s determination, the accused and the accusers all have a huge incentive for the case to turn out a certain way. Afterwards, if there was deceitful acting going on before the verdict, it is almost surely going to reveal itself once that life-altering, binding, legal determination has been made. It is only a matter of whether anyone is still bothering to pay attention.

It has been clear to me for quite a while that this concept is very valid in the Jerry Sandusky case. However, after my recent trip to State College (at the personal cost of almost $1,000 and 42,500 credit card air miles, all while the clueless Scott Paterno was constantly tweeting lies about me having some sort of bizarre financial motivation and failing to see the irony in that allegation given how much the accusers have actually been paid) I am now positive that what we have learned since his conviction has totally invalidated the myth upon which the entire Penn State “scandal” was based.

In short, if we knew back in November of 2011 everything we now know (including what is being revealed for the first time in this post), Joe Paterno never gets fired, Graham Spanier never resigns, Tim Curley and Gary Schultz never get charged, and Jerry Sandusky is never convicted (or, perhaps, even arrested).

After all, as of this writing the prosecution hasn't even released its much-delayed and surely totally impotent response to Jerry Sandusky’s petition for “post-conviction relief.” Only last week we learned that Frank Fina, the Sandusky prosecutor, was found to have received and sent pornographic (something which was never found on Sandusky’s computer, or in his home) and racist images in his email, and then lied about them to a court of law.

This is the guy we are supposed to totally trust in a case with literally no evidence other than the ever-changing stories of poor people who ended up making millions of dollars?!

In fact, since the conviction, all eight accusers who testified has done exactly what the defense implied (but at the time could not prove) they would and filed multi-million dollar claims against Penn State. All but one accuser has taken a huge settlement. The only one who hasn’t (inexplicably the 1998 “victim” whose case, which doesn’t even remotely allege sex, was fully investigated at the time and found to be non-criminal) is apparently asking for astronomical amounts of money.

Conversely, since Jerry’s conviction, with the entire world against them and with nothing to gain, the Sandusky family has remained united and totally convinced of Jerry’s innocence. Jerry has never come close to confessing anything criminal (At this point, if guilty, why wouldn’t he? Didn’t the prosecution tell us that his book “Touched” was from a man wanting to confess to his dark side?!) and he continues with the appeal process despite having almost no money to pay lawyers and facing nearly insurmountable legal and political odds.

Dottie, his wife, continues to live in State College (if she thought he was a pedophile, or she felt any guilt at all herself, she would surely have moved) and is still 100% positive he is innocent. She drives seven hours, round-trip, once a week, every week,  to visit him in a maximum security prison. Meanwhile, his five adopted children (all of those not named Matt) remain steadfast in their strong belief that Jerry is innocent and that the accusers, especially Matt, are obviously lying.

As for me, instead of giving up, as anyone else in my bizarre position would have done long ago (even if they were right), I have forged ahead at tremendous personal cost and without any legitimate chance of financial/career gain, or even any real success.

With all of this as the backdrop, I recently decided to increase the scrutiny on the first and “keystone” accuser, Aaron Fisher, so-called “Victim 1.” I had always been very hesitant to put any direct pressure on any the accusers because I knew it was politically toxic, especially among those (mostly Penn Staters) who were still interested in the story which the news media long ago conveniently decided was finished. For awhile, I also wasn't yet totally confident that they weren't really "victims."

However, this changed when Aaron’s mother Dawn confronted me late at night on Facebook and then backed out of an agreement we made for me to pay $10,000 to charity if Aaron could pass a lie detector test. When Aaron then told the Philadelphia Inquirer that he was challenging me to meet him and shake his hand, I figured it was now okay to take the gloves off, at least a little bit (contrary to public perception, I have been far too nice much more often than too aggressive in this story).

This was especially true since anyone who has studied the timeline of the case will tell you that if Aaron is lying, then Sandusky basically has to be innocent because everything else was based on Aaron having told the truth. To be clear, I am NOT alleging a grand conspiracy here, only that once key people bought a myth, a snowball eventually turned into an avalanche, largely thanks to the outrageous firing of Joe Paterno. In fact, I am reasonably certain that most of the accusers think that Sandusky probably was a pedophile, he just didn't really abuse them.

Again, since Aaron and his mother wrote a book (which is so absurd that it is perhaps the best evidence there is of Sandusky’s innocence), they are clearly “public figures” and are therefore not perceived to be entitled to as much privacy as others.

Since I started to scrutinize Aaron’s story more aggressively, my last two posts about Fisher have been shared on Facebook almost 4,000 times, which is far more than my average story on this long-forgotten case. This was an obvious and extremely strong sign that people in Aaron’s community were convinced, much against their own self-interest, that he was not telling the truth. They were clearly sharing the posts as a way of expressing that opinion, without actually having to state that still extremely politically incorrect sentiment directly.

With that in mind, I decided that I needed to make a trip to the Lock Haven, PA area to see for myself what was really going on and to maybe even take Aaron up on his offer to meet me. I did visit Aaron’s current address where he has built one home and has a second, larger, one under construction. Here is a photo of that:

Unfortunately, he was not home. I called his cell phone several times while in town and, oddly, he never answered or returned my messages. I wonder why? I guess he didn't tell the truth to that newspaper reporter when he said he wanted to meet me. 

I knew before my trip that Aaron’s mother Dawn had purchased a Porsche. This seemed to be a VERY odd choice of automobile for a mother of someone who supposedly (as would have to be the case if Aaron is telling the truth about Sandusky) fed their teenage son for three years to a horrible predator while they partied hard and somehow were so clueless that they couldn’t figure out what was going on. But I also learned that her third car, which she apparently never uses, is a Mercedes (I am also hearing so-far proven rumors of a recently purchased fourth car, a Camaro). Here are photos of those two cars:


While in State College I did this radio interview on WRSC-AM where I discussed in detail the larger significance of these cars.

It is remarkable the number of sports/luxury cars have been purchased in this case with Penn State money. Aaron himself has bought several top-tier vehicles, including this souped-up Mustang which he recently took the stripes off of, presumably to not be recognized.


He is hardly the only accuser with a sports car fetish. In fact, the one silver ling of this entire fiasco may be that the sports car business in the State College area has to have been booming over the last couple of years.

Here is one which is currently the star of the Facebook cover photo of "Victim 7" (whose full name is in the public record):


Here are two fancy sports cars from the Facebook page of "Victim 10," whose full name is in the public record (who only came forward after the Paterno firing, and who Jerry and his wife Dottie insist they don't even know)


Interestingly, "Victim 10" is quite a gambler (according to Facebook pages, at least three of the eight accusers who testified at trial are very big into gambling) and he posted this photo on Facebook on a Nevada poker trip where he just happened to "tag" "Victim 3," another gambler whose full name is in the public record (a connection which is an interesting explanation for how "Victim 10"  got involved in the case):


Speaking of "Victim 3," here is a Facebook photo of him at a Penn State game with Jay Paterno just AFTER he got his Penn State settlement money. He seems to hold quite a grudge against Penn State and the Paternos, doesn't he? 


And just to make sure no one is left out, here is a nice new Audi from the Facebook page of "Victim 5," whose full name is in the public record:



Also while in State College, I videotaped three very compelling interviews which I am prepared to release at this time. It is important to note that since I started making posts about Aaron Fisher I have gotten bombarded with people wanting to tell me their stories about why they don’t think he is telling the truth. (In case you think I only speak to people who already agree with me, I have also had long conversations with at least two people, a mom of an apparent settlement “victim” and a close friend of Aaron’s mom Dawn, where they each went from being very angry at me to seemingly coming to the conclusion that I am probably right about Sandusky, but neither of them has been willing to go on the record.)

With some of those who have done interviews and been willing to go public, I have already posted their content on this website. However, the majority of people I speak to never make it that far, sometimes because the information isn’t verifiable or strong enough to merit posting, but more often because the person is afraid of having their identity publicly known.

Here is where one of the many “perfect storms” of this case has had such a devastating impact. Because the Fishers are considered to be evil by those who know they are lying, and because they now have lots of money, most people are afraid to publicly confront them, especially when they will be perceived as helping a convicted pedophile.

Cowardice has dominated nearly every aspect of this entire story from the beginning, but it really has been taken to a new level when it comes to the Fishers. Or maybe, considering Aaron’s public death threat against me, people are just making weak, but justifiable, personal decisions (I should note that the fear of Matt Sandusky is probably even greater than of the Fishers, as I have had more good people wimp out in discussing him than any other figure in the case, some even after insisting to me that they never would do so).

In fact, while in the Lock Haven area I had a surprise meeting with a major figure in this case who has been both praised and vilified in the media because they were a key authority figure in the Aaron Fisher/Jerry Sandusky relationship. We spoke for about 20 minutes with another person in the room. I agreed that our conversation would be off the record, but it was VERY clear to me that this person believes that Jerry never abused Aaron and they had no information which remotely contradicted this conclusion. Unfortunately, they are somewhat close to retirement and fear for their job so they have been unwilling since the firestorm began to stand up for what they believe to be the truth here. 

Because I felt like this person at least partially reneged on what I thought was their pledge to speak with me more openly once I returned to California, I believe that I have the moral right to divulge who this person is and tell the full truth of our interaction. However, out of deference to Dottie Sandusky's wishes, who, despite everything, still likes this person, I am going to refrain from doing that. Hopefully, once this person retires they will say what they know to be true (and hopefully Jerry will still be alive).

All of this is why the first interview in this post is so extraordinary. I have spoken to many former friends and girlfriends of Aaron Fisher, but with cowardice reigning supreme throughout this case, no one who is a current friend who was willing to go on camera and tell me directly why they are so sure Aaron was not abused by Jerry Sandusky.

The first, dramatic, exception to this frustrating reality is now Jamon Gharet. He has been friends with Aaron since the sixth grade (the year in which Aaron alleges Sandusky began sexually abusing him) right through to today. In this remarkable interview he tells his story knowing that his long-time friendship is very likely about to end because of it. He even went against the advice of his own family to speak to me. You can decide for yourself his level of credibility, but I was encouraged to find out when I finally met him that his hands are tattooed with the words “justice” and “truth” in Latin.


Here is his full, unedited, interview. Please watch on a non-mobile device as there are several important annotations in all of these videos which will likely not be visible on phones.



Part of what facilitated Jamon coming forward was that Aaron had recently become very belligerent, and his behavior was increasingly very unlike that of an abuse victim, during some of their many computer game sessions. One of their fellow "gamers" confronted Aaron about why he was constantly making VERY crude remarks/jokes about “faggots,” as well as getting raped (sometimes by “dad,” which is interesting considering his former stepfather, amazingly, is in prison for 100 counts of child molestation, including against one of his own children) and sodomized.

Here is Aaron admitting to having done this at the end of a long Facebook chat which I also have (I have redacted the name of the person, a minor who communicated with him, at his request):


It should be noted that Aaron's response here is extremely interesting and appears very consistent with his original story, which was that Jerry made him feel "uncomfortable," but that there was no actual sexual contact. It is also clear that the convoluted language of his therapist Mike Gillum (a conspiracy nut who has lost his state contract since having co-written Aaron's book) and the debunked "science" of "repressed memory therapy" could be at work in Aaron's mindset. 

The second video interview I am posting from my trip is with the man who lived next to the Fishers when this all began and who seemingly witnessed the very first time Aaron ever told his story. His name is Josh Fravel. I have interviewed Josh before on the phone, but doing so on video adds enormous context to his story and much has transpired since our first interview.

Josh is an unusual character. He can do and say some things which can seem rather odd, but the specifics of his story have never fundamentally changed in the many hours of our numerous conversations. You will notice that Josh often makes statements which he would not (and vice versa) if he was only interested in creating a totally one-sided narrative, which to me increases his credibility. He has also continued to try to help me find the truth of this case long after it is clearly not in his self-interest to do so (the Fishers have continually claimed that I am paying Josh, but this is simply desperate projection on their part and not remotely true, though on the day of this interview, when we spent about four hours together, I did pay for his two slices of pizza, a drink, and a coffee at Dunkin Donuts).

It is interesting to note that the people who live in the Fisher’s old residence do not support Josh’s version of events. But they obviously did not live there at the time when all of this happened and when I tried to engage them as to why they had skepticism about Josh’s story, they literally couldn’t give me anything more than “it’s just his opinion.” Meanwhile, Josh’s wife and the neighbors who live on the other side of the house (who did live there during the time when the Fishers did) are all very supportive of Josh’s take on events.

Of the many extraordinary things which Josh shares in our interview, perhaps the most critical piece of new information is that he, clearly without any knowledge of its significance, provides the best evidence yet that Dawn seemingly had somehow caught wind of the 1998 investigation, or perhaps a very benign version of 2001 (during the interview you will see that I misunderstand him with regard to the timing of this critical revelation; Josh later told me he was sure Dawn referred to a 1998-like event she had discovered just days after Aaron first complained to her about Jerry in late 2008).

If this true (and I believe it is), this would completely validate my theory on what really caused reporter David Jones to tell Scott Paterno in early fall of 2010 that Jerry was a pedophile. It would also fill in a lot of other gaps in the story and provide an explanation for why Dawn became so sure that Aaron would be believed and that there was a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow.

It simply can’t be underestimated how significant it is if Dawn knew of 1998 because that event connects the Sandusky “problem” to Penn State as well as gives her the confidence that their claim isn’t crazy (she may have even started to believe it was true, though many people have told me of very pro-Jerry statements Dawn made to them LONG after this time period). It should also not be forgotten that there are strong reasons to believe that Dawn had already gone through this "game" before with her brother D.J. in the Dr. Barry Bender case, which just happened to have the same lead detective, bizarrely a narcotics agent, as this one

With all of that as context, here is the full, unedited, and incredibly important story of how the entire Jerry Sandusky/Penn State “Scandal” seemingly really began and what the Fishers appear to be willing to do to keep that story largely hidden (Warning: There is some profanity in this interview as Josh quotes Dawn):

The third interview I am releasing at this time is with Dottie Sandusky. It is the first interview she has done in well over a year. She gets rather emotional and says a lot of interesting things (Matt Sandusky gets a well-deserved scolding), but from an evidentiary perspective I want to highlight one particular element.

One of the more pathetic attempts by my many critics to discredit me deals with the identity of “Victim 2,” the male who was in the shower with Jerry Sandusky the night Mike McQueary saw them together. I have long been sure that this person was Allan Myers. If you accept that Myers is “Victim 2,” you basically have to very strongly doubt that McQueary saw anything close to a crime. The statement Myers gave on the day Joe Paterno was fired, along his remarkable personal history with Jerry after the already highly-suspect McQueary episode, simply make it impossible to rationally believe any other scenario.

This is why some lunatics have desperately theorized (without a shred of evidence or logic) that Myers is not “Victim 2” and that the “real” “Victim 2” simply decided to not testify and instead allowed Myers to steal his multi-million dollar settlement from Penn State. This “theory” is clearly insane, but watching Dottie discuss Myers should, at least for rational people, end all doubt about this issue (I am also releasing documents to further prove this point, which you will see momentarily).

While on my trip, I visited Allan’s VERY remote and large home/estate along the river in Mill Hall, PA. He has multiple extremely intimidating “no trespassing” signs at the top of his driveway, but the gate was open so, not being easily intimidated, I decided to walk down the long path and knock on the door. After passing the rather ironic Marine flag hanging from his porch and the Marine emblem at the foot of the front steps, I spoke to his wife. Apparently Allan was not home and she was very much aware of who I am. She immediately closed the door in my face.

I told her through the screen that the guilt Allan feels is never going to go away, no matter how much money they have, and that Allan telling the truth would make their lives better in the long run. She eventually tired of my sermon and returned to the door to tell me to leave, which I then did.

I have told Allan numerous times through emails and phone messages that all he has to do is tell me in a credible fashion that I am wrong and I will very happily stop this entire crusade. I have never heard back from him, or even his lawyers, which to me is rather telling.

Speaking of Allan, I am deciding to release some documents which I have had for quite a while but for which there was never a really good time to make public. They are records of insurance claims made by Allan Myers. I have posted all three pages here (Click on image to see larger view):


On page 3 you will clearly see that Myers made a claim for “sexual abuse” (long after he obtained Andrew Shubin as his lawyer and long after not testifying at Jerry’s trial) where the “date of loss” is the original and incorrect date which Mike McQueary gave to the grand jury. I have no idea if this was simply laziness/cockiness on Shubin’s part, or perhaps simply an effort to adhere to the date given in Allan’s original statement (which was obviously highly influenced by the inaccurate media firestorm that was raging when he gave it on November 9, 2011). Heck, there are still occasions to this day where the moronic media uses the original incorrect date! Regardless, this will hopefully end any debate that the person who was paid three million dollars, minus $700,000 for Shubin, as “Victim 2” in a Penn State settlement (as has been widely reported) was indeed Allan Myers.

If my critics want to hilariously claim that Myers is a total fraud, they can have fun with that. This theory would not only be absurd, but if somehow true it would prove that the entire Penn State settlement process and the lawyer (Shubin) who represented at least nine accusers, are also total frauds. It would also prove that the basis of this ENTIRE case (that men don't lie about being sexually abused for money), is a complete lie. 

I fully admit to not completely understanding these forms (the settlement process is extremely convoluted and seems to be a shell game), so if anyone reading this has some insight I would be most interested in hearing from you. To that end, I am also releasing the “sex abuse” insurance claim record of “Victim 9” (whose full name is in the public record) so that the forms can be compared.

Interestingly, the date his claim was “received” is exactly the same as the one for Myers. Even more significantly, the “date of loss” (a seemingly randomly selected 1/1/2004) is completely inconsistent with his highly implausible trial claims which seemed to indicate that his abuse began in 2006. Of course, since “Victim 9” is the guy who laughably suddenly claimed after the trial to have had lunch at Beaver Stadium together with Jerry and Joe Paterno, this really shouldn’t be a surprise (though it still should show just how incredibly haphazard and fundamentally suspect the entire settlement process has been).

I am quite sure that the morons and conspiracy nuts will try to take distort snippets of this information for their own crazy ends. For instance, the fact that claims are filed against the Second Mile is a merely a technicality as part of the agreement with Penn State to pay the claims with Tokio Marine as the insurance company. People who don't want to see the truth here will always cling to whatever red herring they can, but for rational people who understand that  story must be at least somewhat logically consistent throughout for it to be true, these revelations should end this silly "debate."

Here is Dottie Sandusky’s completely unedited interview:

One other document I want to post at this time is not directly related to anything I have yet touched on, though I think it could be very significant to the overall case and I doubt there will be a more appropriate time to release it.

The accuser about whom there has been the least discussion in comparison to their impact has clearly been “Victim 4.” He was the second accuser after Fisher to claim an overt sex act and he was the only other to do so before Joe Paterno’s firing (of course, he only came to that story after his lawyer and investigators were accidently taped conspiring to lie to him to get him to claim a sex act). Frank Fina called him the star of his case when he did his only major television interview about the trial.

It has always been a bit of a mystery to me as to why it was that “Victim 4” seemed somewhat ready and willing to go further down this allegation path than any other pre-arrest accuser. Especially when he had remained pretty close to Jerry since those bowl trips where he was allegedly molested while Dottie supposedly walked in on them.

BTW, here is a photo of "Victim 4" (not looking like a helpless little boy or unhappy to be there) with Jerry on the front page of the newspaper the day after Sandusky announced his retirement from Penn State, which was both before and after he now alleges horrible abuse occurred:


One obvious explanation for "Victim 4" becoming an accuser was that he was in the infamous photo in "Touched" of Jerry with four of the six arrest accusers (#4-7). This means he could have easily been “recruited” by Deb McCord, the mother (with an assist from her bikini-model daughter?) of 1998's “Victim 6,” after Pulitzer-Prize winning/scamming reporter Sara Ganim told her the case was close to being dropped and urged her to find new accusers. We already know that Victim 4 testified that his father alerted him that Sandusky was in trouble after Ganim's original article is published at the end of March 2011.

BTW, here is a Facebook photo of Deb McCord (and seemingly her son, "Victim 6" ) at the Atlantic City wedding of "Victim 7," and another that is definitely Victims 6 & 7 together, clearly reliving the good memories they must share of having been sexually abused by the same man. Just for good measure there is also a shot of Deb McCord and one of the two daughters she sent to Penn State well after she now claims Penn State covered up the sex abuse of her son (something she, along with Dawn "Fisher" supposedly said to Sara Ganim. which was lapped up by ESPN on that very critical Tuesday morning the day before the firing of Joe Paterno). 


However, there is now a second, equally plausible explanation for how this all went down with regard to "Victim 4." As this document proves, “Victim 4” (whose full name is in the public record) was once represented in a criminal matter by Stacy Parks Miller.


Why is this significant? Because by the time the serious allegations against Sandusky began, Miller was the Centre County DA and the person who would normally handle such a case. However, citing a conflict of interest, the state attorney general’s office took over the investigation (I have wondered if this Miller/Victim 4 connection could have also played a role in the DA’s “conflict of interest,” but the timeline doesn’t seem to make much sense under that scenario).

Then, in November of 2010 Miller received the very strange “McQueary Tip” email, which was sent by a retired police officer who presumed she had jurisdiction over the case about which he had previously heard online rumors. This means that Miller was well aware fairly early on that there was a Sandusky molestation investigation and that it was very serious. She received this email only a couple of months before “Victim 4” started to come forward to tell his story.

It certainly doesn’t seem to be a stretch that Miller simply went through her memory for any males she knew who were closely associated with Jerry Sandusky and then contacted “Victim 4” to alert him that something was up. Even if such contact was made in a completely sincere and appropriate manner, coming from Miller as a DA it would have had an extremely prejudicial impact on “Victim 4.” Much like David Jones contacting Scott Paterno with bad information, it would have made it far easier for “Victim 4” to accept that Jerry might really be a pedophile, that this investigation is the real deal, and that it might be a very good idea for him to cooperate with investigators and go along for the ride.

Oh, and then there is this photo, which Miller herself posted on Facebook after the story was all “over”:

I do not believe in conspiracies, but Miller being “gal pals” with Sara Ganim is a bit too much even for me to ignore. Ganim’s impact in this entire injustice is seen nearly everywhere. It is my current belief that, after Ganim “found” Aaron Fisher, Dawn told her of a 1998-like event and that is how Ganim eventually came to urge Deb McCord to find new accusers and why Ganim was asking McCord to contact the AG's office rather than the AG's office suggesting that McCord speak to Ganim. It is hardly a coincidence that Ganim had interviews with both of these women, and an EXTREMELY pro-prosecution article immediately ready to go on November 7, 2011 when at that point all identities from the grand jury were still supposed to be secret.

As for Miller, it should also be noted that her office was contacted (after Matt’s flip) by the Sandusky family with strong evidence that Matt Sandusky had stolen and sold Jerry’s two national championship rings. Miller made it very clear to them that she wanted no part of that case.

As a side note, I don’t think that it is a coincidence that there are so many women who are key in the creation of this case. Linda Kelly (AG), Jonelle Eshbach (primary AG grand jury attorney), Stacy Miller, Sara Ganim and Jessica Dershem (Fisher’s caseworker who is now an active Facebook friend of Dawn's) and at least two "accuser moms" all played extremely important roles here.

It is my view that, as women, through no fault of their own, they lacked a fundamental understanding of the inherent implausibility at the essence of this case. The feasibility of an older man continually sexually assaulting the same heterosexual teenage boys (importantly, not one of Jerry’s accusers is known to be even plausibly gay) for many years, without any alcohol/drug plying, payoffs, or any signs of physical violence involved, is simply very far-fetched, if not impossible.

Being women made them far more willing to believe a narrative which made no sense because they were likely looking at it through the prism of a male assaulting teenage girls, which, while just as horrific, on numerous levels, is an intrinsically different matter. This is also why the men in the case, most notably prosecutors Frank Fina and Joe McGettigan, took remarkable steps to mislead/lie to the jury about the ages of the accusers by routinely turning thirteen year olds into "10-11" year olds or even younger (Fina once claimed to the grand jury judge that the McQueary "victim," who was actually almost 14, could have been as young as eight).

In conclusion, I hope that those of you who are still on the fence, or who don’t have the patience to get deep into the intricate details of this case, will please consider at least one basic reality. After the unprecedented, multiple, atomic explosions which went off in this case, if I was wrong, could one very unremarkable guy with almost no resources possibly get something so substantial to grow in this barren wasteland so soon after such a catastrophic nuclear winter?

I would submit that the only way that would be remotely possible is if the ground underneath this devastation is extremely fertile with a truth which is vastly different from the media-created myth which fueled the initial devastation.

That truth is now obvious to anyone who is still paying attention with a remotely open mind. The only scenario which makes any sense at all, and which fits with all of the known evidence, is that Jerry Sandusky never sexually assaulted anyone and that everyone at Penn State was totally innocent (at least until November 9, 2011).

Update 9/2/15:

Dawn "Fisher" responded last night on Facebook with this very "classy" and hilarious threat against me. This is just like the mom of an abuse victim should be reacting to the guy who says she wasn't really the worst mom in the history of the world, don't you think?!

Update 2:

Here is a great interview I did with radio host Kevin Slaten summarizing this post. 


Update 3:

Immediately after this post was first made public, I was approached on Facebook by yet another life-long friend of Aaron's asking me to interview him because he is now confident that Aaron is lying about Sandusky.

This interview marks the sixth person with whom I have spoken on the record and released the interview publicly who knows Fisher very well and who says, very much against their self interest, that they don't believe his story. This one is particularly compelling because the subject, Dylan Emel, was a victim of male sexual abuse as a young child and he is a member of the U.S. Army.

What I am posting is the very lightly edited "pre-interview" that I conducted with Emel because, like with so many others in this case, he got scared at the last second and reneged (without explanation or even notification) on his agreement to be interviewed the next morning in a more formal fashion. Unfortunately, a large part of the "Perfect Storm" of this entire case has been the general lack of courage in our society, but especially among our younger generation, amazingly, even among some of those in the U.S. military.

What I am posting here has been only very lightly edited for privacy issues.


Update 4:

Someone I do not know, without my knowledge, engaged Aaron Fisher in a Facebook message exchange which I found relevant. Here are two of Aaron's responses to two of the primary questions I have for him.



For the record, I have never paid anyone for an interview and I probably never will (I also didn't actually pay anyone for a photo either). It appears Aaron is, as usual, getting these absurd ideas from his mother and hanging on to them as the lamest of excuses for why it is that so many people close to him, who were in a position to know, are now sure he lied about being sexually abused by Jerry Sandusky. 

If Aaron is so interested in me paying for interviews (I wonder why he's so convinced people would be willing to lie for money?) perhaps he should take me up on my new offer. Since he won't accept $10,000 to pass a lie detector test, how about $3,000 to his charity of choice just to do a one-hour interview with me? I will meet him in Lock Haven and pay his charity regardless of how he does in the interview. If he convinces me he is telling the truth I will promise to take down everything I have ever written/said about him and leave up a permanent/prominent apology on this website. 

What do you possibly have to lose Aaron? You get $3,000 for your charity for one hour of time with a chance (if you are telling the truth) to humiliate me and get me to leave you alone forever?! What a deal!

Gee, I can only think of one reason you wouldn't jump at that opportunity.


Here is a really good interview I did with WRSC radio in State College about this release.  


Update 5:

As if this all couldn't get more obvious, Aaron's mother Dawn has decided to remove all rational doubt by bizarrely claiming/admitting on Facebook that people (me) shouldn't question how they spend their money because, "we MADE it." 


It is simply impossible to believe that a mom who really believed that her son was horribly sexually abused for three years on her watch would ever say "we MADE it" about money they got because of that alleged abuse. Dawn has effectively confessed here.