Aaron Fisher's Family Posts Facebook Photo of Him Laying In Cash & Giving Middle Finger

Aaron Fisher is the first, primary, and only accuser (for two years) in the "Penn State Scandal." This past weekend he, his fiancé, and his mother all went on vacation (perhaps to celebrate the third anniversary of the Freeh Report, which has been very lucrative for them). In their hotel room, Aaron posed for a photo which was later posted on Facebook. 

If a normal picture is worth a thousand words, this one is worth a full book...


Please ask yourself just one question: Is this photo consistent with Aaron Fisher's already nonsensical and ever-changing story of being a three-year victim of horrific sex abuse, which has no hard evidence (or even actual dates) supporting it? 

It is obvious that this photo (or at least the middle finger) was specifically intended for this website, so I am happy to oblige Aaron. After all, if there is one thing I have learned from this story, it is that "victims" of child sex abuse should be accommodated in every possible way. 

For those unfamiliar with my history with regard to investigating who Aaron really is, please refer to these prior stories which reveal a VERY different narrative than the one which the news media bought completely with zero scrutiny back in 2011...

Aaron Fisher posts #1, #2, #3, & #4

We are still waiting for a photo to be posted of Aaron's mom's new Porsche. If anyone in the Lock Haven area happens to see Dawn in it, I would make it worth your while for you to send me a photo. 


Here is Aaron's Facebook post in response to this release. it is both laughable and telling on several levels.

First, it appears to be a criminal threat (it's so weird that a family which seeks to call the police on me at the drop of a hat never bothered to do so on Jerry Sandusky during three years of horrible sexual abuse). Second, it is once again totally inconsistent with the behavior of a real sex abuse victim in this case. Third, he doesn't realize that there isn't just one person feeding me his posts. Because there are many people close to him who know he is lying about being abused by Jerry Sandusky, there are several people who are his Facebook "friends" who have been willing to help me and the search for justice.



Update 2

Today I was informed by the Pennsylvania State Police that they would be contacting Aaron Fisher to discuss the threats he made against me on Facebook, which I posted in the previous update.

Part of why I am taking these threats seriously is that these threats fit a clear pattern with Aaron. i just learned that he has already used one of his cars as a weapon of intimidation against one of my previous interview subjects. 

Sierra Nicole Foster was interviewed for this post on Aaron. When she heard about Aaron's threat against me she shared the following story and contemporaneous Facebook message to verify the "stunt."

She says: "I had been walking with my infant daughter down town lock haven. My daughter was in her stroller and as a crossed one of the side streets intersecting with Bellefonte Ave. Mr. Fisher had been driving his blue mustang, he whipped around the corner revving his engine as if to scare me and "attempting" to hit me an my child with his vehicle...... This incident took place shortly after my interview with you was released...... Now the post you added I the last article you sent me is what made me contact you about this, I don't remember specifically what day it was but seeing how Mr. Fisher has already demonstrated the type of behavior stated in his FB post, leads me to believe he would in fact endanger anyone willing to bring out the truth against him..... Hence why I dropped talking to anyone about the subject I was and am scared....."



All of this reminded me of another old Facebook post from Aaron in which he makes clearly violent threats...


While the news media has of course ignored all of this, I have done two really good radio interviews to discuss these remarkable events. They are well worth listening to.

The first was with Kevin Slaten in St. Louis: 


The second was with Jeff Byers on State College radio: 


Update 3

This update may very well be the most interesting and revealing yet. Under the heading of "projection as protection," Aaron, his mother, and his fiance all say things which likely reveal more about them than the person at which they are directed. 

Mallory Foster, recently engaged to Aaron, just posted a series of nonsensical rants against me and Sierra Nicole Foster. In the one below, she implies, absurdly, both that Sierra lied about her encounter with Aaron threatening her with his car (an event Aaron acknowledges happened) and that Sierra is promiscuous. Mallory may want to realize that those is extremely fragile glass houses should not be throwing stones. Just sayin...

Then both Aaron and his mother Dawn have the VERY interesting response of immediately presuming that Sierra was paid by me to say what she did (she absolutely was NOT), because, after all, to both of them telling a story for money is, I guess, a perfectly normal thing for a person to do and others to presume!